Who we are.
Psychiatric Control Systems Lab.

We are a group of scientists with diverse backgrounds including psychology, neuroscience, communication science, and engineering with the goal to better understand the neural, behavioral, and psychological dynamics and improve/devise new tools for intervention.

Lab Coordination

Principal Investigator
Email: hamidreza.jamalabadi@ [website domain]

Felix Bernhard

Translational Research in neuronal Networkmodulation
Email: felix.bernhard@ [website domain]

PhD student members

PhD student · M. Sc. Psychology 
Risk and protective factors of Major Depression 
Email: lea.teutenberg@ [website domain]

Tahmineh Koosha

PhD student · M. Sc. Cognitive Science
Network Control Theory
Email: tahmineh.koosha@ [website domain]

Minh-Hieu Nguyen

PhD student · M. Sc. Psychology
 Psychology SAPPIENS - Predicting Depression & Lab manager 
Email: hieu.nguyen@ [website domain]

MD and Master's student members

Alina Buschhüter

Human Medicine Student 
Email: alina.buschhueter@ [website domain]

Stefan Becker

 Master Student
Data-Driven Control Theory
Email: stefan.becker@ [website domain]
Human Medicine Student
Email: maximilian.epe@ [website domain]
Human Medicine Student 
Clinical utility of AI systems 
Email: leo.fischer@ [website domain]

Lilly Kresinszky

Human Medicine Student 
Mind Wandering and Major Depression 
Email: lilly.kresinszky@ [website domain]
Human Medicine Student 
Clinical utility of AI systems for treatment of Major Depression 
Email: paula.mann@ [website domain]

Valerie Rommelaere

Human Medicine Student Multimodal network analysis of brain and symptom dynamics following ECT 
Email: valerie.rommelaere@ [website domain]
Human Medicine Student 
Mind Wandering 
Email: vanessa.savic@ [website domain]

Student Assistant Members

Antonia Schulz

Student Assistant · B. Sc. Linguistic and Communication Science 
Brain dynamical systems in Major Depression 
Email: antonia.schulz@ [website domain]
Student Assistant · B. Sc. Cognitive Science 
Network Control Theory 
Email: elina.stocker@ [website domain]


Ala Al-saleh

Former student assistant

Join Us

Bachelor, Master, and MD. Thesis and projects: We are always seeking motivated people to join our lab who may also do their thesis with us. In case you are interested in what we do and want to be part of it, please drop us a short email (info@ [website domain]) with some information about yourself and we will get back to you within a few days.  

PhD project: currently we do not have an open phd position. We will keep you informed as soon as this changes. 

Postdoc position: currently we do not have funded postdoc positions in the lab. If you are however interested inour research, get in touch and we will discuss collaboration possiblities with and without external funding.



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Prof. Dr. Hamidreza Jamalabadi

Philipps-Universität Marburg
Klinik für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie
Rudolf-Bultmann-Straße 8
35039 Marburg

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