Tahmineh A. Koosha

PhD Student 

Hi there! I’m Tahmineh, and I’m totally into figuring out how our brains work and why we behave and think the way we do. You see, I started out in physics, got hooked on the big questions about the universe, and then realized that the most complex puzzles are actually inside our heads. So, I switched gears to cognitive science and now, I’m diving deep into computational psychiatry here at Philipps-Universität Marburg.

In our lab, I’m the one tinkering with computers, numbers, and theories to better understand mental health. It's like being a detective but for the brain. I play around with machine learning and deep learning to make sense of our behaviors, and I’m always thinking about how we can use this cool tech to help people who struggle with psychiatric disorders.

My day-to-day is a mix of brainstorming new ways to look at the brain, crunching data to see how it can inform real-world treatments, and staying curious about the whys of our actions and memories. Down the road, I'm also looking to share the excitement of this work by teaching and guiding the next wave of curious minds.

So, that’s me – a former physics enthusiast turned brain-and-behavior buff, on a mission to make mental health a little less mysterious for everyone.



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Prof. Dr. Hamidreza Jamalabadi

Philipps-Universität Marburg
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