More papers online · August

During the summer holidays another of our papers got accepted. This one in particular was a tough cookie, so it was all the more pleasing to see it out there. Please feel free to have a look here! Additionally, we have a new preprint to share. This time on a new algorithm for resting state fMRI analysis. 

Two preprints · July

In coorporation with Carlos Zarate, two new preprints could get published. Both review protocols cover different topics. One focuses on the interplay between therapeutic ketamine administration and music, the other asks when and where in the brain emotional responses to visual stimuli are differentiated

New phd student arrives at our lab · June

Tahmineh Koosha had a long travel from Tehran before arriving at Frankfurt airport. We are lucky to welcome her here in Marburg and are looking forward to get started on some exciting new projects with her! 

Happy News · Mai

Lea has been funded 1500€ by Marburg's University Research Academy (Mara) to join the famous OHBM conference in Montréal this year! Have a look at their programm and meet us there!

 Lucie, Ana and Allie · Mai

Prof. Lucie Flek from the Language Technologies group in Marburg joined our lab meeting together with her team members Allison and Ana. 

New Members of the Group · April

Felix Bernhard and Stefan Becker meet the team, we welcome you! Felix is going to bring a whole new research area into the lab, that is Translational Research in Networkmodulations and Stefan will write his MD thesis with us. This opens up further chances to share expertise from different backgrounds and collaborate on outreaching projects. 

Marieke van Vugt at our lab · April

We had a wonderful time welcoming Marieke van Vugt on the 26th of April  to our lab. Together we discussed the intriguing topic of mind wandering and its role in psychiatric disorders. In the middle of drinks and good conversations we completely forgot to take a group picture. Thank you Marieke for teaching us more about this brand-new topic, we are looking forward to seeing you again!

 Symposium at the Castle of Rauischholzhausen · April

This year two of our team joined the GISS, Giessen's International Schizophrenia Symposium to learn about new approaches in brain imaging, DTI in schizophrenia research and hot topics such as Nutritional Psychiatry.

 Preprint on Biomarkers for Depression · March

Very exciting to announce is this wonderful preprint on Major Depression and how machine learning tools can help to understand biomarkers of psychiatric disorders. 

First paper on Mind Wandering · Februrary

If you can't get enough of dynamical systems, please join our discussion and help to improve our current models on thought processes. As a response to Amir and Bernstein's proposition, we have formalized some ideas on how to operationalise such dynamical systems here.

Paper out, finally! · Februrary

Our preprint has been accepted by PNAS Nexus and is now online available to everybody who is interested in a curious combination of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) and Network Control Theory. 

Start-up Competition · Februrary

Eventhough we did not win the price, we nevertheless enjoyed the evening, sparkled with good food and exchange. Special thanks go to Minh-Hieu for the wonderful pitch and all the work he put into the competition. 

Behring-Röntgen funding cerificate goes to Hamidreza · January

We proudly announce that Hamidreza receives the Behring-Röntgen funding certificate. With this the Behring-Röntgen Foundation wants to support new innovations tackling big health problems of our time, one of them being depression. 

Sharmili Thanarajah visits our lab · January

Dr. Sharmili Edwin Thanarajah from the research group on neurometabolic circuitry joins our lab meeting for one happy afternoon. 

Our team growths rapidly · January

Two more MD students decided to write their thesis with us. We welcome Johanna Weyland and Leo Fischer to our lab. 

Colloquium Talk · January

Hamidreza holds a talk on Attractor Dynamics in Psychotherapy at the Psychiatric-Psychotherapeutic Colloquium in Marburg.

New MD students at our lab · January

We had a good start in the new year, starting with a bunch of new MD students. We welcome: Vanessa Savić, Valerie Rommelaere, Lilly Kresinszky and Maximilian Epe!


New preprint available now · December

If you are interested in a theoretical framework, conceptualizing psychological well-being, have a look at this new preprint: Conceptualizing Psychological Well-Being as a Process: Implications for Mobile Health Interventions. 

 Alina Buschhüter joins us · December

Just before the end of the year one more pleasant surprise awaits us. A new addition, Alina Buschhüter, decided to do her phd thesis at our lab. With this said, we wish all readers happy holidays and a good start into the new year! 

 Meeting on ice · December

Our last team meeting of the year, one of the most fun and exhausting, took place at the ice palace in Marburg. Here, all of us were challenged not to fall. Thankfully, nobody did and all could return home safe to their families for their winter holidays.  

 Bianca van Kemenade comes to visit our lab · December

We hope this pleasant afternoon was only the beginning of a long lasting collaboration with Prof. van Kamenade.  

 Meet Paula Mann, our new team member · December

Hurra! Paula Mann joins our team to write her MD thesis with us.

New preprint online · November

We are happy to annouce that yet another of our papers is online [currently still as preprint]! This time we ask ourselves how networks can describe the effects of psychological interventions. Please, read Towards a formal model of psychological intervention: Applying a dynamic network and control approach to attitude modification. 

ECNP Congress in Vienna · October

Three members of our team visited the ECNP Congress in beautiful Vienna. 

Ala Al-saleh is leaving the psycontrol lab · October

Ala has left our team to take the next big step towards her PhD. It was a pleasure to work with her in a team. We wish Ala all the best for her future. Hopefully, we will rejoin one day. 

Two new papers online · September

The papers Network controllability measures of subnetworks: Implications for neurosciences and A complex systems model of temporal fluctuations in depressive symptomatology are now online as preprints. 

Symposium at AGNP-DGBP 2022  ·  September

Hamidreza co-organizes and gives a talk at the joint conference of AGNP-DGBP in Berlin. The symposium takes place on 14.09.2022 and addresses new approaches in Computational Psychiatry. 

Antonia Schulz joins the lab!  ·  August 

Antonia is a master student in neuroscience with background in linguistics. She joined the course on Computational Psychiatry in SS2022 and will continue the project she started during the course in our lab.

Our new paper is now online  ·  July  

In this paper, we study we present evidence that that parenthood contradicts aging effects on brain controllability and the effect is stronger in mothers.

Talk in Research Retreat of IRTG 1901  ·  June  

Hamidreza gave a tack at the annual retreat of IRTG 1901 in Grünberg. He talked about: Control theory in psychiatry: brain, symptoms, and behavior.



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